Web Management
for Websites & Online Stores.

We offer free hosting on high-performance Cloud servers and a discount on subscribing to any Web Care package for one year.

Web Maintenance
FREE Web Hosting
Human Assistance
CMS/Plugin Updates
Content Updates
Cloudflare Protection

The Web Care website management packages with included free hosting are based on a dedicated human assistance service, allowing us to maintain a trustworthy relationship and swiftly deliver on all our commitments. Consequently, we monitor and update hundreds of plugins and CMS platforms monthly, storing, securing, and ensuring data on fast cloud servers. Additionally, you will receive monthly reports not only for our activities but also for basic Analytics data, essential for any business aiming to maintain or increase popularity in the online environment.

Services, perks & benefits
Web Care
Web Care PLUS
Web Hosting
Free Hosting
Hosted Domains/Applications
Hosted Subdomains
Dedicated IP
Dedicated Server Resources
2 Core - 4GB RAM
4 Core - 8GB RAM
Web Space on SSD
Website Backups
every 3-6-12 hours
Managed Web Security
Cloudflare Protection
Unlimited Traffic
DNS Based Advanced Caching
GDPR Data Management
Web Management/Maintenance
Human Active Support
Free Migration
Website Audit
Included Hours for CMS/Plugin Updates
Discount for Additional Hours
Free SSL
Functionality Checks
Monthly Traffic Reports
Monthly Server Status Reports
monthly rate + 1 additional hour
yearly rate + 1 additional hour

You also benefit from customization options for Web Care packages like this:​

Additional Work Hours

Depending on your needs, you can achieve maximum cost efficiency by including a certain number of working/development hours per month in the package. For a cost estimation, please visit the dedicated page of the preferred package and select a number of hours to instantly see the updated monthly cost.

Additional Web Space

Our packages generally provide the essentials based on our experience so far. Although situations where a client requires more space than what’s included in the chosen package are quite rare, it’s necessary for us to offer the possibility of expanding the space according to the needs of each website or online store.

Email Hosting

Email addresses are a private matter, and it’s necessary for them to remain under the exclusive management of our clients. Therefore, although we do not host email addresses on our servers, we collaborate with Zoho to provide you with a secure and user-friendly option to host your email addresses with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a package of web services assisted by human involvement that ensures taking care care of all aspects of hosting and maintaining your websites and applications from A to Z. We monitor, identify, and address any situation, in most cases without you realizing.


In order to fulfill the role of administrators of your online property, our team has exclusive access to server control panels. This is necessary for us to take responsibility for the optimal functioning and safety of your applications. You can work with any provider for design, promotion, SEO, or any other services that do not require changes involving code or server adjustments. Generally, any changes to the code or structure must be made with our help or involvement.

All Web Care packages have dedicated human support included for monitoring your server and applications and other critical tasks, because:


  • It is imperative to ensure the proper functioning of the hardware/software systems of your web hosting servers and the software platforms that form the basis (core) of your website;
  • Traditional hosting, either managed or self-managed is obsolete and time intensive to handle due to the fast evolution and increased complexity of contemporary hardware systems and software technologies,
  • We’ll get in touch with the third party providers you need, centralizing all information and bringing tasks and projects to completion efficiently and with your minimum involvement.
  • Proactive approach in dealing with security challenges has become mandatory.


If anything, the main advantage working with us is that we are constantly trying and succeeding to find a workable compromise in order to deliver a PREMIUM web management service that generally only big companies can afford.

Yes. We have options to accommodate clients who have web hosting from another provider and only require management in the form of prepaid hourly packages. For more details, please contact us.

*This service is only available for static and dynamic websites/ blogs and not for e-commerce websites.

Our offer is based on years of experience, primarily considering the clients' needs, followed by ensuring a financially sustainable business model for the Agency, and an objective temporal planning to allocate the necessary time to execute both planned tasks and critical requests requiring urgent assistance.


There can be cases however where we find it necessary to modify the package beyond its native flexibility (flexible maintenance hours, storage capacity, etc.) to provide optimal services. In such cases, amendments or exceptions can be introduced through annexes attached to the framework contract.